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6 Authentic Ways to Make Your Hookah Experience One of the Best

The use of hookah is widespread all over the world. So many people use the equipment to get a relaxing moment as they enjoy time with friends. Whether you are using a hookah with single or multiple hose, modern or Egyptian, one thing should be constant, a pleasant experience. But then, some people end up … continue reading

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What Is The Best Hookah To Buy?

When it comes to buying a hookah, especially for the first time, people always ask the same question: what is the best hookah to buy? The simple answer is: it depends! Of course, some hookah is way better than others. Depending on the material and the country where it is manufactured contributes heavily to the … continue reading


Does Hookah Make You High?

A hookah refers to a water pipe which famous for smoking purposes. Other names of this instrument are Narghile, Hubble-bubble, Shisha, and Goza. However, the word “hookah” means a pipe and not the contents of this instrument. The invention of this instrument dates back to hundreds of years back in the Middle East region. However, … continue reading

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Is Hookah As Dangerous As 100 Cigarettes?

Hookah refers to an instrument that helps in smoking the tobacco while cooling and filtering the smoke over the water. The concept of using hookah traces its origin in ancient Persia as well as India around 400 years back. The instrument has different names according to locations like Goza, Narghile, and HubbleBubble, etc. Due to … continue reading

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What Are The Best Hookah Tobacco Flavors?

Hookah is universally popular among the people for its varied kinds of flavors. Certain flavors are universal in their popularity. No matter where you visit, you can find these flavors there without any hurdles. So, these flavors have gained global popularity among users. However, here is a long list of the most popular hookah tobacco … continue reading


How to Pack Your Hookah Bowl?

Hookah, also known as qalyân, is an instrument that is widely famous for smoking purposes. Many people use this for vaporizing as well as smoking tobacco, flavored cannabis, or even opium sometimes. The vapor of these substances passes through a water basin before final inhalation. The water basin is glass-based in maximum cases. The usage … continue reading