13 reviews for SPIDER HOOKAH

  1. Katie Kayy

    Very unique! hookah was a great and it was the best hookah! Very recommended to anyone! Dope design.

  2. Kassandra al

    I had been searching for a hookah online for a long time I came across their if and feel in live with the variety of hookahs but this one catches my eye and it has been the best purchase I’ve done in a while. Clouds are big and do not burn your throat a soft inhaling experience with the fast set up satisfies me.

  3. Phill R

    Dont personally own this hookah but a friend of mine does and this is a beautifully crafted hookah that deserves a spot in every hookah lovers home, hits great and looks great!

  4. Talha Patel

    The spider looks like a spider and it’s really unique. Not a lot of people have this and the sessions on this are worth trying again and again.

  5. Boris Villar

    This hookah is super iconic due to the design. It is really innovating and looking amazing, honestly one of the best hookahs available.

  6. Haydar Alsaadi

    Huge mob hookah fan. Got this one when it first dropped too and loved it. Every one was so amazed by it cuz they never seen anything like it before. Always most unique and beautiful hookahs. Highly recommend all their products

  7. Gil Munoz

    Love this hookah!!!!! Great look to have in the house!!! Awesome clouds and overall great hookah experience …. All my friends have one and we all agree there’s no competition hands down!!

  8. Dee Cook

    Not only does this hookah have a dope look but this hookah smokes amazingly. Never no complaints

  9. Michael reynoso

    This was my first MOB Hookah and it met up to the hype and most importantly my expectations. I received my SPIDER the same week it was confirmed for delivery (about 3-4 days) and the product it self came nicely packaged assuring that I would receive it in mint condition. Set up was super easy and fast and I instantly began making my CLOUDS. Love this product and I have and will continue to support and purchase from MOB Hookah. Can’t wait to see what’s next!!

  10. Omar

    This is one of the coolest looking hookahs I’ve ever seen. The aesthetic is amazing and my friends always ask to use it. Every time I smoke it it’s super smooth with huge clouds. Would definitely recommend.

  11. Mike

    One of the best hookahs hands down. Mob hookah makes the smoothest most amazing hookahs. This ones my favorite. I Highly recommend this one.

  12. Diquechocolate

    This is one of the most unique hookahs in the market great for a flavorful smoke session with dense clouds smooth drag. Highly recommended great price you won’t regret

  13. Ricardo Oregon

    The spider hookah is simply amazing its unique and the sessions are great
    So worth it
    Highly recommended
    You won’t regret it

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