MOB BOX 2.0 is a truly innovative product from MOB Hookah. A perfectly portable, sleek, and elegant light up hookah box, it is designed to add flavor to your parties. We have designed the box with a rubber base to prevent slipping. It comes with a silicon bowl and a heat tub to place the charcoal. Moreover, the light up hookah has a futuristic LED light, which can be installed inside the box for a brilliant glow.

Use any of your favorite hookah tobacco with this box and enjoy a great puff. Take it along, wherever you go, and it will be just perfect for beach or pool parties, outdoor picnics, camping or traveling.

We are always striving hard to satisfy every hookah lover and continuously aim to bring the best products for you. To know more about our great products, do not hesitate to call us at (858) 249-9417 or write to us at

23 reviews for MOB BOX 2.0

  1. Adam

    Great cloud, great price and practical to take with you everywhere…my favorite purchase this year

  2. Richard

    I need this ASAP when are u going to have it available?

    • name (store manager)

      Will be back in few weeks. Please stay tuned on our instagram.

  3. Lloyd

    When will it be in stock ? I need one ASAP

    • name (store manager)

      few weeks, please check back.

  4. Alyssa

    I need this one !!!! 😫😫😫

    • name (store manager)

      Couple of weeks to stock. Stay tuned 🙂

  5. Jarryd

    I 100% guarantee this mob box if u looking for clouds it’s the best of the best and steady as hell you will never have to worry about it falling over ever I’ve never had any problems about it 👌🏽😍

  6. Mustafa

    Very convenient box that I keep in the back of my car wherever I go. Only needs like 3 coals and it works like a charm. The clouds you get from it is incredible.

  7. Leila

    Love the design of the Mob Box. Comes in handy when you just want to use something small and light and you just set it on your table. It smokes amazing and the light disk underneath makes it look sick. Definitely recommend!

  8. Fatima

    Love this hookah. As always, it hits smooth and is as good as a regular hookah. The lights make a cool effect, especially at night. Perfect size and love the shape because it will never knock over and it’s easy to travel with. Must have

  9. Colomba

    I bought this for traveling purposes and now i use it almost everyday, in spacial when i wanna smoke alone is the perfect hookah i love it

  10. P

    Got one for my birthday. Very happy with the product it smokes well essy to clean couldnt ask for better

  11. yazzy

    I own this hookah in black, love the way it smokes. Super cloudy, I prefer my cloud king over it because the coals are easier to light other then that smokes amazing & good quality. Lights are sick at the bottom too!!

  12. Amber Rich

    Best in the hookah business, its easy to move around and my guests love it everytime they see it. It lights up different colors with the remote provided. Can also easily clean it after using it. Amazing clouds. Love it!

  13. Katie Kayy

    Dope hookah box ever! Very unique! hookah was a great and it was the best hookah! Very recommended to anyone!They have great communication also!!

  14. Phill R

    First hookah I bought from mobhookah because it looked sleek and modern. The first smoke session i had with it was amazing, CLOUDS FOR DAYS

  15. Ramon Vargas

    This hookah is great for traveling easy to maintain and is a eye catcher. Very smooth and pulls great.

  16. Brandon

    The most practical that can be acquired, I can take it everywhere with me thanks to its small size, however, that does not mean that it does not throw so much smoke but on the contrary it is impressive the amount of smoke that it throws, it has been my Essential hookah in my repertoire. The best hookah of all

  17. Kareem s

    Very innovative hookah. It’s smart design allows for easy portability all while being incredibly stylish! I was sceptical at first; however, after my first session with it, I absolutely loved it! It’s better than most of the hookahs I have. Also, with it being compact and stable, you can smoke with the peace of mind that coals will never drop on your carpet.

  18. Gil Munoz

    The absolute best hookah!!!! Great cloud…… perfect for travel…. I have this in my bag ready to go!!! Every single time I take this out at an event it becomes an instant attraction !!! Will be buying a second one soon!!!

  19. Luis

    AWESOME light show for parties and pulls so good and so easy! Also never falls which is great

  20. Omar

    My cousin had this hookah and when I tried I was so amazed that I bought one myself. It hits so well and looks very sleek. And the size and material make it great to take anywhere. Definitely the best hookah I’ve owned!

  21. Diquechocolate

    This hookah is perfect, different, powerful, and smooth, and tip over proof. Made from plexiglass so it’s practically Indestructible. Also it’s basically a money saver because of the silicone bowl and heat tray(mag) that it comes with so you don’t have to worry about your clay bowl breaking or having to buy aluminum foil. The clouds are practically out of this world.

  22. Iman

    I usually don’t write reviews but I had to share my experience with the mob box hookah. This hookah is my absolute favorite! It hits so well and is so aesthetically pleasing. Not only is this my fav brand to use in general but this hookah specifically just has a special place In my heart. If you’re hesitant on buying one, you really shouldn’t be! It’s incredible! My fav hands down!

  23. Henry

    Awesome, been using it for over a year. No complaints but after a year the area where the bowl sits is melted and cracking, so time for a new one. Very easy to use, clean, and great clouds

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