12 reviews for DIAMOND HOOKAH

  1. mehdimanager

    best hookah I’ve ever owned !! love the diamond catcher option because I use colored water on the base .. and it keeps the tobacco juice from Dripping on the base and changing the color . I just bought my second one from them I love it too !

  2. Isaac

    This hookah has the best smoke ive personally had with the best flavor retention. And the biggest underrated part is that its one of the easiest hookahs to clean. Great purchase would recommend.

  3. Aziz

    The diamond is BEAUTIFUL! My favorite hookah of my whole collection. The glass is thick and the hookah is made of some great material. Strong and heavy. I love how you can smoke up to 4 hoses but I haven’t tried going up that high. Smoked with two hoses and it was perfect. Also, it’s super quiet! Which I love! Amazing hookah!! Two thumbs up!!

  4. Raimundo orrego

    If you are looking for a hookah that is resistant and of very high quality with a lot of style, it is ideal, the way you smoke is incredible and very pleasant, you smoke a lot and it is pleasant to smoke

  5. Isa

    Highly recommended !! Great hookah and awesome design.

  6. Boris Villar

    The Diamond hookah is the best looking hookah in the market, the diamond bowl is my favorite piece being clear cut just like a real diamond. The tray and the stem is made out of durable stainless steel. Best hookah i ve seen.

  7. Louis Aikens

    A “Diamond” in the Ruff She really is THE GREATEST especially when you have ot in the Club or put color die in the diamond catcher and the Bowl.

  8. Moaad Alnamer

    This is by far the best looking hookah I’ve ever seen, it’s designed is just breath taking, love the diamond shape and all its features are amazing from the optional diffuser to the Molasses Catcher, the four hose option is the best for smoking with your friends, it’s a five star hookah no doubt about it.

  9. Amir

    The shape of this hookah is really nice, it definitely come with a good bowl. It’s very smooth and easy to assemble and disassemble. I recommend this hookah for anyone that is looking for something that looks nice.

  10. Iman

    The Diamond Hookah is definitely one of the best hookahs I’ve smoked. The Diamond catcher is perfect at stopping the molasses and keeping the water in the base nice and clean. And it looks cool too. It’s my go to hookah and everyone should have one!

  11. Henry delgado

    The diamond hookah is the smoothest hit from a hookah I’ve smoked in a while. Shipping was fast and the set up was easy. The presentation of it was astonishing. Great for special events or personal use. From the base to bowl this is the best hookah on the market. Shipping was fast and for the price of it was very reasonable. Highly recommend this!

  12. Artem

    By far the most gorgeous hookah design I’ve ever seen! The presentation is amazing! also love the 4 hose option, makes is easier to smoke with a group of friends! everyone was impressed by this beauty!!!

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