8 reviews for Dark Knight BATMAN

  1. Manal

    The best hookah I have ever had! If you are a Batman fan and smoke hookah, this is a must.

  2. Fatima

    Best Hookah I’ve had! It hits smooth and the design is super cool. Fun to smoke and nice as a decoration when not using it.

  3. Gabriel Grizales

    Amazing hookah and set up. I bought this hookah for my wife because she is a huge batman fan and she loved it. I would recommend this hookah for anyone looking for a cool looking big hookah and is a fan of batman

  4. Katie Kayy

    The hookah was a great gift and it was the best hookah! Very recommended to anyone!

  5. Kassandra al

    I’m a big fan of Batman so when I saw this design on a hookah not only was a plus for me but it matched my personality so well that I bought it and I don’t regret it because I it’s the best hookah I have ever purchased online. Hands down the best hookah buy it you won’t regret it 😍

  6. M

    I have never seen this in any hookah store this is my favorite superhero! I cannot believe this website has this design that i have yet to find anywhere else i cannot wait to buy it for my boyfriend

  7. Mike

    Beautiful hookah. Love the Batman design. Hits amazingly!

  8. Mike

    Excellent quality hookah. Gives very good smoke and is as smooth as can be. Mob hookah is the best I’m a huge fan.

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