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Smoke it like a king with Cloud King Hookah!

For all you Hookah lovers, Mob Hookah offers the best Cloud King Hookah. It is one of the most influential Hookahs available on the market today. It is perfectly designed and engineered to assist in achieving a smooth draw while forming those big clouds.

The Cloud King Hookah by Mob Hookah makes a perfect balance between the latest and all traditional styles. We offer a very durable Pink Hookah that is made perfectly by the best workmanship. It comes with a long handle, strong hose, and detachable diffuser.

Check out some of the features of the Cloud Hookah:

  • To facilitate easy smoke clearance, it has an internal carb.
  • It has both on and off diffuser option.
  • The tray has a consistent lotus design.
  • It has the best quality funnel clay bowl as well as the high-end hose.
  • Plug-in hose.
  • It is very easy to use and set up.
  • It possesses the antique hookah designs but also gives a modern appeal.

Being one of the most privileged hookahs, the Pink Hookah doesn’t only possess a great look but also gives a top-notch performance. When you smoke it, you get a feeling that you are smoking in some traditional lounge in Egypt. The elegant designs and the perfect fitting make it a perfect fit for a true king like you.

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39 reviews for CLOUD KING HOOKAH

  1. Kaled

    I have had KM for the longest time until a friend pushed me to try the cloud king from Mob hookah. Cool design, hits like a champ and the price is really reasonable for the quality.

  2. Sean

    Hands-down the best Hookah I’ve ever bought 🙌
    The design and functionality are 10/10 .

  3. jeff (store manager)

    I have had the cloud king for over a year. not a single issue. need to be cleaned once a while to keep the performance, which is the case of any hookah in my opinion. I definitely recommend this hookah for daily smokers.

  4. Alfredo

    The best I have ever had. Hands down 🙌🏽

  5. Benny afro

    Greatest hookah of all time!!!

  6. jamal

    I have had this hookah for 3 years and I love it. Can’t wait to get the new colors. Keep up the good work and designs.

  7. Colomba

    Ive own my CK for two year now and is the best hookah i have ever smoked, i have tried many hookahs in a 3 year period of time and nothing compares to the CK. In my opinion the CK is the best hookah for my

  8. Leila

    I love the Cloud King! I own a few different brands and Mob Hookah is by far the best. The Cloud King has a sleek design and smokes amazing. It is a must have for everyone. I would definitely recommend getting this hookah.

  9. Jarryd

    Beat hookah to get if you looking for those cloud clouds and the most favorable one by all customers with an amazing array of colours😍😍😍😍

  10. Tobias carrero

    Amazing hookah the clouds are thick this product is even better if paired with the MOB diamond bowl I purchased the viper edition because the color scheme now that the cloud king is offered in more colors you can get one that beat fits you.

  11. Aziz

    I named mine BEAST MODE! The clouds are amazing. The design is real nice and an eye catcher. I get asked about the hookah all the time. The clouds are insane, this hookah produces the most clouds from my collection. Great hookah, a must have!

  12. Pazzi

    I bought an all black cloud king last year couldnt be more proud of it. Design is nice the smokes are perfect and got 2 of my friends to buy 1the gold and red black one

  13. Raimundo orrego

    by far the hookah that I like most of all, the quality of smoking is excellent throws a lot of smoke and the way of smoking is very nice

  14. Rabeih

    Best Hookah I have ever smoked!

  15. Ihab Elamm

    Amazing, best hookah online, will recommend to anyone around the world. It’s worth every penny!

  16. yazzy

    I’ve always smoked smaller shishas and I finally switched to a mob hookah, the cloud king and I can’t go back to the basic Lebanese shishas, this smokes amazing, I’ve had this for about 4 months now & it still smokes amazing. It gets better and better each time I smoke out of it. & the head lasts me pretty much all night with the girls!! Love this hookah

  17. Amber Rich

    I love that the cloud king comes in different colors. The design and precision to detail is remarkable. Best hookah and highly recommended to buy. I buy all my hookah products from MOB HOOKAH. Keep up the great work.

  18. Isa

    Best on the market, highly recommended if you want big clouds and amazing hookah session!!

  19. Andrew

    Literally the best hookah that I’ve ever smoked! This hookah is my everyday hookah and I’d highly recommend anyone who smokes on the regular to buy one.

  20. Kassandra al

    I love this hookah not only cause it’s nice and fancy but I love how the clouds come out. Best hookah I have ever purchased easy communication with the owner about details and how to set it up and fast shipping

  21. Ramon Vargas

    I bought this as gift for my brother loved the design, makes the living room feel like a hookah lounge

  22. Talha Patel

    I personally really like the cloud king because it’s a cloud king ! The smoke production is incredible I highly recommend this.

  23. Boris Villar

    The quality of hookah is second A1. I really like how elegant it looks yet durable.

  24. Brandon

    The design is magnificent, unique and has no comparison, it is one of the best hookah I have tried since it throws very good smoke and the taste is maintained despite the weather, everything is quality and the material is better for hookah , a reliable and recommended online purchase !!

  25. Kareem Saleh

    Absolutely unreal hookah. It definitely lives up to its name – it’s the king of clouds. It’s looks match its performance! Has a nice diffuser which makes for smooth clouds while being absolutely quiet. I bought one 2 years ago and she’s puffin like new! All in all, best hookah I’ve bought!

  26. Ricardo

    Cloud king is the best hookah that I have purchased hits good
    sick design good price
    Highly recommended

  27. Louis Aikens

    The “Cloud King” Name Speaks for itself it is one of the Best Hookas i have Ever had. Its Exotic appearance with its Lotus Flower shape ash bowl Brings somewhat of a Asian sensation.

  28. M

    My favorite is the pink and white because it matches my personality super girly this will be my next buy when i get a new hookah i love the details it has as always

  29. M

    My favorite is the pink and white because it matches my personality super girly this will be my next buy when i get a new hookah this is the best online hookah store there is for everyone who doesnt have a warehouse near #1 trusted hookah brand

  30. Haydar Alsaadi

    I have two of these cloud king hookahs, got one when it first came out and got sooo many compliments on it. Still one of my favorites to this day. I got the second one for me Vegas trip and I live in San Diego so they let me meet with one the workers and he gave it to me. Best customer service and best products forsure!

  31. Gil Munoz

    I have the Cloud King Hookah at my house and it is absolutely the best hookah out on the market!!! Great design , clouds for days, and overall a great quality hookah!!!

  32. Dee Cook

    The Cloud king hookah is literally it’s tittle. I have no complaints. Long as the hookah is cleaned properly there shouldn’t be a problem one of my faves hands down

  33. Luis

    Pulls AMAZING clouds! Feels and looks like a quality built hookah.

  34. Moaad Alnamer

    The Cloud King is one of the best hookahs I’ve used and I’ve used a lot of other brand hookahs but this one just stands out of all. I just love the design, it gives smooth draws and large clouds, it’s a perfect balance between a modern hookah and a traditional hookah I love the optional diffuser as well as the silicone plug in hose. Most definitely recommend.

  35. Amir

    I bought two cloud kings and couldn’t be happier. The colors that come in are all amazing and they are very smooth. I recommend this hookah to anyone that is looking for a really good hookah.

  36. Iman

    The Cloud King hookah really lives up to its name. It’s the best hookah for big, thick clouds. I can always make amazing O’s while smoking it. And all the color options are so cool that I always have to stop myself from buying different ones. Would definitely recommend!

  37. Henry delgado

    Cloud king is an understatement for this hookah. The ingenuity of this is perfectly designed for a smooth hit. I ordered the red one and I was amazed at the detail of it and upon opening it there was no finger prints and no flaws. The craftsmanship of this hookah was definitely done perfectly. If you don’t own one I highly recommend ordering one asap. This is the best hookah I’ve owned, Shipping was fast So you can enjoy this hookah.

  38. Artem

    Tried this at my buddies place and hands down the best clouds hookahs can offer! beautiful design!

  39. Diana

    I have 5 of these cloud king hookahs in almost every design! And every single one is still good after 3 years!! I love the smooth smoke sess with these!

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