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Looking for your favorite Al Fakher Shisha? Mob Hookah is there to make sure that you get the best. Well, it is one of the renowned brands of flavored tobacco available today. It is also called the king of Shisha tobacco, being one of the oldest as well as the longest sustaining hookah tobacco brands. It’s the favorite brand of most experienced users of hookah. It offers a smooth and one of a kind smoking experience.

At Mob Hookah, we offer the best quality Al Fakher tobacco. Starting from all modern flavors to traditional flavors, Al Fakher Shisha has everything.

  • It is known for its taste, along with smoke and consistency.
  • It can be prepared with the utmost ease.
  • Within a few minutes, you are ready for a scrumptious session that creates amazingly flavored smoke clouds.
  • You do not require any kind of fancy equipment, as Al Fakher Tobacco is one of the most adaptable brands.
  • It is available on single-note flavors like orange, mint, and blueberry
  • Several types of flavors to choose from Mob Hookah, you will definitely come across something that will be your new favorite!
  • We offer the best quality and latest style products at an affordable price.
  • Our customers are our first priority; therefore, we provide the best customer service.
  • The time that we take to deliver a product to your address is very minimal, and the ordering process is very easy.

Place your order and get your Al Fakher Shisha now!


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