42 reviews for AK-47 HOOKAH

  1. Sean

    I got this Hookah about a couple of months ago, The design is so sick .. Very realistic . I don’t know what it’s made of but it’s very durable, The gold is still very shiny .
    I purchased a bag with it, I take it with me everywhere Hookah Lounge is, it’s always a hit at any party I go to .
    This is hands-down the best Hookah ever bought 🙌
    I want to get the RPG next, can’t wait till they released .

  2. Bruno

    Awesome finish, smokes amazing and it’s been a great conversation peace

  3. Karim bih

    Just received! Beautiful design.I really like it and how it smokes. I am not a pro yet but I can tell it is pretty good and gives nice big clouds.

  4. mahan

    I bought a cheaper version from amazon and had to trash. The original is way better. Dont get fooled, make sure it is from this website or an official reseller.

  5. kevin slik

    best Hookah ever!

  6. Jose

    Love this hookah. Great design and hits pretty well. I have other Mob products and I love alll so far. Can’t for the new stuff.

  7. Roberto

    Great design and hookah. Love it so far.

  8. jawed

    love it. had it for couple of months now and only smoke from it.

  9. manal

    nice design and accessories. If you are a hardcore smoker maybe this is not the best performing hookah in the market. But beginner or intermediate is just fine since you are more for the look and beside it is not bad at all.

  10. Jeremy

    The best gun hookah design there is.

  11. Engin (verified owner)

    I order from the Netherlands!
    very good shisha i happy with it!
    it looks cool 😍

  12. Saeed

    There’s a lots of great things about the MOB HOOKAH AK-47, but I won’t bore u with all that, let’s start off with the design, very realistic looking can’t lie. it’s very durable and slick, you’ll get lots of attention if your smoking from it, great company and I suggest u all to purchase one, y’all won’t regret it, trust me

  13. Isaac

    Hookah offers amazing clouds and will always be the center of attention at any gathering. Incredible smoke profile idk what i would do without one.

  14. Jarryd

    Why wouldn’t you want a hookah that looks like a gun with realistic features and an easy set up 👌🏽💁🏽‍♂️❤️

  15. Aziz

    Great design and made of high quality material. The base is a perfect size and both go together so well. I’ve had multiple sessions and each time produces great clouds. This is an awesome hookah, one of the best ones I own.

  16. Pazzi

    Very great hookah lots of smoke ,the design is very very nice

  17. Raimundo orrego

    The best hookah I’ve tried, the quality is excellent high quality materials and with a nice design, the shipping to chile was really fast.

  18. Derrick

    Is the best hookah they got a nice cloud got a cute design sweet

  19. Rabeih

    Crazy Good Hookah and is very Nice design

  20. yazzy

    My cousin owns the smaller version of this and it smokes amazing. The design is pretty awesome too !! Amazing shisha’s!!

  21. Amber Rich

    Awesome design. Best hookah in the market to buy. Ive bought all my products from Mob Hookah and have not regretted it at all. Highly suggested for your home.

  22. Isa

    Best hookah for that price, very detailed and high end hookah. Smoking experience in s amazing.

  23. Andrew

    Mob created the whole trend of gun hookahs. I’ll only smoke out of a mob gun hookah, and wouldn’t ever smoke from any of those knock offs. Deff the best gun hookah online!

  24. Phill R

    Friend of mine just bought this hookah and besides it looking dope, it rips big ass clouds and is made really well.

  25. Ramon Vargas

    I got this hookah for my man cave and it brought the whole room together I love it. Smooth, pulls great and makes great smoke clouds.

  26. Talha Patel

    This hookah was really nice I got a great amount of cloud production and amazing taste and that’s all that matters

  27. Brandon

    From the moment I acquired it, the hookah has been excellent one of the best purchases I have made. I recommend it at 1000%, it guarantees a good round of smoking. Very good amount of smoke and the taste remains!!

  28. Kareem Saleh

    Most stylish and unique hookah’s out there! Anything MOBHOOKAH makes is legit, and this hookah is no exception! Produces huge, smooth clouds. I recommend getting their diamond bowl with their heat mag for optimal performance. Can’t go wrong with this hookah!!!

  29. Louis Aikens (verified owner)

    This AK-47 Hookah is the Very best i ever had and my Very First Hooka since i Moved to Houston Tx from Los Angeles Ca. It Pulls very smooth and very Exotic looking with ots Gold appearance.

  30. M

    This design looks so cool ive been wanting one since i first started smoking hookah. Knowing its from hookah mob i dont even doubt that the production of smoke will be a lot. #1 recommended hookah store

  31. Haydar Alsaadi

    This was my first ever hookah. I love mob and everything they make, definitely best hookah around and the shipping is always fast and easy.

  32. Dee Cook

    I am a very satisfied customer of MOB Hookahs!
    AK47 are great hookahs. The material they use is outstanding, my hookahs from MOB Hookah are still in great condition. The hose is always the important part of the hookah, these hose never clog or break especially when they are clean properly. Not to mention smoking and amazing flavor from an MOB Hookah is a wonderful and LIT experience. Good thick smoke with every pull. So I recommend MOB Hookahs to all my real hookah smokers! IG: @hookahmaniacz

  33. Mohamed

    This is by far one of the best finished hookahs out there! the quality is amazing! I’ve purchased hookahs online and this one for sure is the best one!

  34. Luis

    Great for parties and entertaining and having a nice centerpiece!

  35. Michael reynoso

    This is a must have if you are about this MOB Hookah life lol based off the design and style alone it’s a winner but what separates this AK from any others out there is the quality you get from MOB Hookah. If you want clouds this is it for sure. One of my favorite pieces along side of the SPIDER and MOB BOX (go check those out if you haven’t) my guest always head towards this piece and they won’t let it go all night. Congratulations on a awesome piece

  36. Omar

    This is one of the best hookahs I’ve tried. Not only does it look cool but it also smokes very well. Every time I set it up I get huge, thick clouds and anyone’s that’s tried it is always very pleased.

  37. Bno

    How big is this shisha in cn from food to top

  38. Amir

    Amazing hookah, seems like a legit rifle and gets everyone’s attention haha. Overall great product and I recommend it to anyone.

  39. Henry delgado

    My wife and I bought this to add to our collection of hookahs but this one really stands out. It’s an eye catcher and really the best hookah I’ve smoked. Mob hookah always go above and beyond for their customers with unique products. Definitely top of the line best hookah.

  40. Mike

    This hookah is one of my favorite hookahs! Excellent quality and gives lots of smoke. I get compliments on it all the time.

  41. Artem

    This is one of my favorite looking hookahs out there! Had it for quite a while now and still smokes like a champ!!! considering getting another one in different color..

  42. Abidat Rama

    If you want and AK-47 Hookah make sure you get MOB .. if you get an imitation you would wish you never did . Plus it’s the same price anyways .
    I got the gold AK Best investment ever !!

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