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Al Fakher Tobacco
  • EUR: € 15.12
Fumari Tobacco
  • EUR: € 10.67
Starbuzz tobacco
  • EUR: € 21.35
Tangiers Tobacco
  • EUR: € 24.91

Mob Hookah knows what pleases Hookah lovers. It is the best Hookah tobacco, right? Talking about the best, flavored tobacco like Shisha tobacco can quickly transform any session of hookah smoke into a fantastic experience.

With us, you will get some basic yet the best Hookah tobacco flavors such as grape, mint, cherry, or orange from some of the popular brands like Al Fakher. But if you want to be a little bit bold as well as experimental, then you can choose some exotic flavored tobaccos.

Mob Hookah takes the pride to carry a huge line up of some new and amazing flavors from some of the industry leaders of the flavored tobacco game.

Nothing can match the feeling you get when you smoke the first time the intriguing margarita or the grapefruit. Your Hookah buddies may also get envious when you show them that amazing Shisha tobacco.

Check out what Mob Hookah brings to the table:

  • We sell the finest and the best Hookah tobacco on the market.
  • Starting from flavors that are thick and long-lasting to flavors that give a very unique and old traditional sensation, we offer all familiar as well as new hookah tobaccos.
  • From minty and fruity Shisha to rich and creamy, there are several incredible flavors of Shisha available with us.
  • Whether you are looking for a home or hookah lounge, you will find everything just perfect with us.

Our range of hookah tobacco flavors makes sure every hookah smoker finds their favorite.

Contact us today and get your favorite flavored hookah to create a smoke cloud, just like a pro.

Shop for Shisha tobacco with us; we have a stock of different flavors available. Make a query; our experts are available to help you anytime. Happy Smoking!